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In the expansive realm of global shipping, pooling companies play a pivotal role, wielding a dual influence on the industry. Firstly, through their selection of pallets and containers, poolers not only dictate what their customers utilize but also significantly impact how these load carriers are employed. Secondly, as an increasing number of industries turn to pooling companies to manage their load-carrier inventories, these poolers exert a broad influence on the shipping practices across various sectors.

In the quest for a sustainable future, the demand for durable, hygienic, safe, and environmentally friendly pallet systems has never been greater. This necessitates lightweight units designed for high-volume capacity, standardized nestable pallets, and foldable containers and crates that seamlessly integrate into the entire supply chain.

Fortunately, Doğan Plastik excels in meeting these multifaceted needs and more, as the future of pallet pooling transcends traditional materials like wood and single-use plastics. With established relationships with major players in the food, retail, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries, Doğan Plastik provides comprehensive solutions. Our offerings include inspection, repair, and recycling services, along with innovative products.

Our hygienic pallets, characterized by smooth and closed surfaces, minimize the potential for dirt buildup, ensuring easy cleaning. Having pioneered circularity in our products for decades, the majority of our pallets and large containers are crafted from recycled materials, aligning with the principles of repair, repurpose, and recycle.

The significance of where poolers source their pallets, rigid, and foldable containers cannot be overstated. Specialized load carriers are increasingly sought after across various industries, mirroring the evolving needs of poolers’ clients. At Doğan Plastik, we understand that each challenge presents an opportunity for a customized solution. Our design and engineering teams, operating in testing centers, material labs, and recycling facilities, collaborate with our partners to develop lasting and intelligent solutions from our diverse range of products. Every day, we strive to meet the dynamic demands of the industry, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future.


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