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Manufacturing automobiles is a highly intricate process, and as the automotive industry undergoes a significant shift from internal-combustion engines to electric vehicles and embraces autonomous driving, the complexity of the manufacturing process continues to grow. An average passenger car is composed of around 30,000 parts, sourced from a diverse array of suppliers, ranging from critical engine components to computer chips and raw materials like metal and plastic. Each of them comes with its unique requirements, such as the need for electrostatic-discharge containers to protect sensitive computer chips during transportation

Managing this intricate supply chain demands meticulous planning, coordination, real-time stock monitoring, and the use of returnable packaging solutions that seamlessly integrate with production-facility systems. This is precisely where Doğan Plastik excels.

Our products are not only tailored to meet the evolving demands of the global automotive industry but are also customizable to individual company needs. We offer an extensive range of transport solutions that are not only reusable, repairable, and recyclable but are also intelligently designed to optimize logistics operations, accelerate supply chains, minimize operational costs, and reduce transportation expenses.

A prime example of our innovation is the FLC Hercules series. Drawing inspiration from traditional metal stillage cages, the FLC Hercules surpasses industry standards. Weighing half as much as stillage cages, it occupies 40% less space during empty returns, and when collapsed, it saves a remarkable 75% of floor space. The robust lid and durable plastic construction ensure the safety of contents, while its ease of cleaning, repair, and real-time monitoring during shipping, thanks to track-and-trace technology, add to its appeal. Furthermore, it is crafted from recycled materials that can be recycled again.

While stillage cages served the industry well for an extended period, the automotive industry’s evolution demands transport solutions that mirror its 21st-century complexities. The FLC Hercules emerges as a contemporary partner perfectly aligned with the needs of the modern automotive industry.


Real-Time Stock Monitoring
Real-Time Stock Monitoring 100%
Meticulous Planning
Meticulous Planning 100%
The Use of Returnable Packaging Solutions
The Use of Returnable Packaging Solutions 100%

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