Doğan Plastik



Doğan Plastik (DP) was founded in 1979 by M. Turhan Ünlüdoğan to produce plastic spools, rollers and bobbins for the textile industry. Doğan Plastik, which entered the field of plastic recycling with the raw material crisis in 1982, has regenerated polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene (the first in Turkey) and PVC (the first micronization) since this year. DP always produced its own technology and trained its own personnel. This understanding still continues today.

Growing with new investments in 2000, Doğan Plastik established glassware accessory production lines. In a short time after it started production, it received 6 patents and design registrations and became the main supplier of Paşabahçe, the world’s and Europe’s second largest producer of glassware. At the same time, it has become the only company in Turkey that can produce all plastic, wooden and metallic caps.

Doğan Plastik, which entered the packaging sector for “transportation and storage” by starting to produce citrus fruit crates in 2005, put its second factory into service in 2007. Doğan Plastik II, the largest plastic injection factory in the region and one of the top three factories in Turkey, has started producing plastic pallets. With the establishment of the new factory in, Dağhan O. Ünlüdoğan joined the company to transfer the experiences he gained in global companies and took over the entire sales function.

With the establishment of the new facility, Doğan Plastik, a regional manufacturer, gained a national and international identity, became a supplier to companies in our country and global companies abroad, and started to make a significant portion of its sales to foreign markets.

With its new investment in 2013, Doğan Plastik became the first company to produce foldable containers in Turkey and became one of the 6 companies in the world producing in this field. Denizhan A. Ünlüdoğan joined the company in 2014 with the increase in production and took over all operational processes with his experience gained in various production lines in different companies.

In 2021, together with Turkish Airlines engineering team, Dogan Plastik engineering team developed an all new special plastic pallet for Turkish Airlines Mega Cargo project, the largest air cargo building in the region. The final product became the industry standard in air cargo operation and became a key asset for the successful start of the mega operation in Istanbul airport.

Doğan Plastik, which produced pallets that can carry 1.8 tons on the shelf for the first time in Turkey in 2014, has again become a pioneer in this regard. Finally, in 2023, Zeynep B. Ünlüdoğan Onur joined the company with her many years of experience and took over all marketing and corporate communication activities.

Doğan Plastik offers innovative and competitive solutions regarding packaging systems for “transportation and storage” to national and international companies in many sectors such as food, beverage, agriculture, automotive, chemistry, logistics, and textile.

Accepting “firsts” and “innovation” as company priorities, Doğan Plastik continues to work to always offer better to its customers with innovations.

Company establishment
First production – Textile vater bobbin
Recycling facility establishment
PP recycling for the first time in Turkey
PVC micronization for the first time in Turkey
High heat resistant dye coil production for the first time in Turkey
Water bottle cap production with mechanical seal for the first time in Turkey
Start of production of glassware accessory plastic lids
Establishment of wood cover production line. The first wooden jar lid production in Türkiye
Synthetic cork production for the first time in Turkey (Wine, V type, T type)
Metal cap production line establishment
Start of plastic case production
Dogan Plastik II factory started production
Plastic pallet production
Foldable plastic container production for the first time in Turkey
Production of pallets that can carry 1.8 tons on the shelf for the first time in Turkey
Foldobale Large Size Container (FLC) production for the first time in Turkey