Recycling involves converting used materials, which would otherwise become waste, into valuable resources. It is a crucial method for conserving energy, reducing reliance on landfills, preserving natural resources like wood, and safeguarding the environment. Our production approach not only focuses on manufacturing but also addresses the final treatment of the product, adhering to the ‘from cradle to cradle’ model.

Most of our products are sustainable, reusable and 100% recyclable. We take pride in accompanying our products throughout their entire life cycle, from production and repair to the moment of recycling.

At the end of their life, our pallets can be recycled to obtain raw material, serving as the base for new products in our catalog. As part of our environmental commitment, we have integrated the handling of our products after the conclusion of their life cycle.

Plastic packaging holds residual value, corresponding to the material value in market conditions minus the recycling costs. We pledge to cover this cost for our customers during the production of new units.

With a recycling plant located alongside our manufacturing facility, we can receive various plastic products for recycling. A significant portion of our products is crafted from recycled plastic, primarily PP and PEHD. Managing a substantial quantity of plastic pieces at the end of their life cycle, we transform them into new products, reintegrating them into the logistics chain. With every product, we extend our recycling service to enable customers to recoup part of their investment at the end of our products’ life cycles. This ensures a sustainable cycle, minimizes environmental impact, and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.