Plastic stands out as an exceptionally versatile material, providing numerous advantages across various sectors and industrial applications.


Boasting a longer life cycle compared to alternatives like cardboard or wood, plastic minimizes both environmental and economic impacts by reducing the need for frequent replacements.


With an extended life cycle, plastic proves to be recyclable, further diminishing its environmental footprint. This circular approach allows for the production of new items from recycled materials.

Recycled Content:

Our products are manufactured using recycled materials from other applications, contributing to an overall improvement in the environmental impact of the packaging industry. This aligns with the principles of a circular economy.


Waterproof and washable, plastic items maintain a high level of hygiene. They do not absorb bacteria or parasites, making them ideal for secure exports without the need for additional treatments such as ISPM-15 compliance.


Exceptionally light compared to alternatives like wood or metal, plastic items contribute to fuel and CO2 savings during both production and transportation.


Resistant to water and humidity absorption, plastic items maintain consistent weight and shape. They can be safely stored outdoors without the risk of deterioration.


Designed for ergonomic handling from the outset, plastic items eliminate the need for gloves due to the absence of splinters or sharp edges.


Offering an enhanced visual impact on shelves, plastic items contribute to a better shopping experience and create a cleaner setting at points of sale.


More resistant to wear than alternatives like wood or cardboard, plastic items, with fewer components, are easier to classify and maintain.


Minimizing waste generation during handling, such as splinters or fragments, reduces the need for facility maintenance on production lines and at points of sale.


Some of our plastic products are repairable, extending their life cycle by allowing the replacement of specific parts.


Offering nestable or foldable options, some of our products optimize storage and transportation space when empty, contributing to efficient logistics.”