Plastic Pallets’ Advantages

Plastic, being a highly versatile material, offers numerous advantages across various sectors and industrial applications:

Durability and Longer Life Cycle:

Our plastic pallets boast a significantly longer life cycle compared to wood pallets, maintaining their shape intact. They are estimated to last up to five times longer, eliminating issues such as wood splinters, damaged loads, and nails.


All of our products are 100% recyclable, reducing the environmental impact by avoiding disposal in landfills when they are damaged.

Logistics Cost Reduction:

Plastic pallets contribute to lowering logistics costs due to their reduced weight. Replacing wooden pallets with plastic equivalents could lead to substantial fuel savings for carriers, especially with fit-in variants that further cut down on storage and transport costs when empty.

Lightweight, Ergonomic, and Easy to Handle:

With lower weight than wooden pallets, our plastic pallets are easier to handle, reducing the risk of harm to users and premises.

RFID Traceability:

The incorporation of RFID tags during assembly enables comprehensive control of goods throughout the supply chain at no additional variable cost. This facilitates easy and precise monitoring of expiry dates and turnover.

Hygienic and Immune to Infections:

Our pallets do not require fumigations or chemical treatments, offering resistance to infections and parasites. Simple washing makes them ready for reuse.

Less Maintenance of Palletizing Lines:

Plastic pallets deteriorate at a slower rate than wood pallets, reducing maintenance needs and eliminating splinters in palletizing lines.

Better Visual Impact:

Plastic pallets present a more aesthetically pleasing image compared to wood pallets, contributing to a positive company impression.


Tailoring products with specific colors or company logos is possible upon request.


Plastic pallets exhibit exceptional resistance in various conditions, providing excellent mechanical performance in static, dynamic, and rack load situations.

Reason for Black Color:

The majority of plastic pallets in the market are produced using recycled materials due to their cost-effectiveness. Recycled plastic tends to have dark colors, which are corrected during manufacturing by adding black colorants to ensure uniformity.

Alternatives to Black Pallets:

Plastic pallets can be manufactured in any color on demand with virgin materials, though this option can be expensive. A more economical alternative is using recycled Premium materials, retaining the original color of the recycled pieces. Common colors for recycled materials, besides black, include grey.”