Parameters for Our Pallets: Dimensions, Loads, Pallet Weight and Resistance

Dimensions of the Load Unit:

In Europe, two standard dimensions prevail: 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm. While the former is common in commercial distribution, the latter is widely used in industrial applications. These dimensions, considered standard load units, have seen professionalization in logistics, leading to the introduction of new, more efficient dimensions that are often fractions of the standard ones.

Quarter Pallet, 600×400 mm: A modular unit representing a quarter of the standard load unit, ideal for display purposes.
Half Pallet, 800×600 mm: With half the dimensions of the standard load unit, suitable for fast-moving consumer goods, allowing for double item display and direct store rack exhibition.

Euro-Pallet, 1200×800 mm: A standard load unit in the European market, with standardized dimensions since 1961.
Industry Pallet, 1200×1000 mm: Similar to the Euro Pallet, widely used in industrial applications to maximize transported merchandise.

Other Dimensions:

Additional dimensions such as 1000×1000 mm, 1200×1200 mm, and 1300×1100 mm exist, catering to specific applications and proving effective in closed circuits.

Loads (Static, Dynamic, Rack):

During product development, Doğan Plastik conducts load simulations and calculations to ensure safety in different environments. Load capacities are described by static, dynamic, and rack load parameters.

Static Load: The highest load value on a fully plain and horizontal surface, indicating resistance to compression.
Dynamic Load: The load supported during conventional handling, crucial for transportation efficiency.
Rack Load: Weight supported on a standard rack only on the runners of the short side, ensuring optimum performance.

Pallet Weight:

The weight of a plastic pallet significantly impacts its characteristics, including price, load capacity, and durability. Generally, higher weight correlates with higher resistance, longer durability, increased load on the rack, and a higher price. Doğan Plastik optimizes designs to manufacture products with minimal material while maintaining or surpassing similar products with slightly more weight.

Pallet Resistance:

Pallet resistance measures its ability to absorb impacts or accidental handling, a critical feature for durability. Resistance is closely linked to weight and range, with Heavy Duty pallets being more resistant than Medium range, and Lightweight pallets being less resistant. Material choice, with HDPE being the best for impact resistance, also influences resistance. The level of resistance is a crucial factor in achieving cost efficiency.”