Doğan Plastik



In an increasingly competitive global landscape, the distinction lies in excellence among the array of options available in the market. Within this framework, Doğan Plastik is dedicated to providing premier quality products and solutions that foster measurable efficiency across diverse logistics networks, encompassing offerings such as plastic pallets, crates, and containers. This strategic approach not only empowers our clientele with a competitive edge but also affords them the opportunity to mitigate their environmental footprint.

Uncompromising Quality - Doğan Plastik

In pursuit of our objectives, we have formulated a guiding business ethos anchored on three pivotal pillars, built upon a robust and steadfast groundwork. Consequently, we have opted to secure certifications aligning with the most rigorous quality control standards: ISO 166002, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. These certifications serve as the cornerstone of our endeavors in innovation, customer service, and sustainability, bolstering the integrated Doğan Plastik QUALITY system alongside our ZERO WASTE production paradigm.

As an integral component of our commitment to delivering excellence to our patrons, we uphold universally recognized process certifications, with ongoing endeavors to broaden this spectrum.

Furthermore, to enhance the value proposition of our Doğan Plastik products, we have pioneered the creation of the inaugural Sustainability Eco-label, adhering to the criteria delineated in the ISO 14021:2016 standard.